Careers Advisor Meeting Female College Student

As high school students explore career options, it is important to keep in mind that many employers today are focusing on skills-based hiring. Job candidates with strong vocational or technical skills are increasingly in high demand and many traditional universities are being challenged to adjust to new job hiring trends.

What are the skills that are must-haves? Writing and communication, data analytics, computer programming, social media management and digital marketing, project management, foreign language, and interpersonal skills are all included.

For students who are trying to decide on a career path, it is recommended that they first understand what they really enjoy doing, what they enjoy learning about and what are their skills. Then, the next step is exploring careers that allow the students to do the activities they like the most. Students should also be flexible and consider the range of occupations that match their interests and skills. If possible, shadowing or interning professionally can make all the difference in deciding if a particular career path is the right one.

Currently, EIS is implementing an Internship Program for seniors that will begin in April 2020. It will provide an opportunity for seniors to intern professionally for three weeks and receive mentoring and evaluations. The idea is to grow the program for 2021 so that more students can explore career options.

In the meantime, all students should be researching career information and a good place to start is on the U.S. Department of Labor’s web site at .

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