Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


EIS seeks to be the premier school in the city of San Pedro Sula, the country of Honduras and region of Central America through the use of best teaching practices with the goal of reaching all of its students. Our program of studies will strive to focus on the formation of the whole person in all dimensions of learning: academics, civics, sports, performance arts, practical activities, and human values.


The mission of EIS is to prepare bilingual students with the academic/social/emotional skills and universal values to succeed in the universities of their choice, and to contribute positively to society.


1. Students learn progressively as their competencies are recognized and developed.
2. Success breeds success; a “Yes, I can” attitude motivates students to meet standards of excellence.
3. Student and teacher preparedness, active participation, time on task and quality performances are expectations of excellence.
4. The practice of universal values creates a school culture that encourages dignified behavior.
5. Students are the owners of their learning.
6. Every area of the curriculum is valued and evaluated.
7. Students are offered a variety of formal classroom as well as informal co-curricular personal growth opportunities to reach their full potential.

Dear Prospective Family, Teacher and Student

Welcome to our school through our website!

Within the first months of school, we have enjoyed the senior entrance, as well as the experiences of our nursery, first, sixth, and ninth grade students who entered a new division for the very first time.

During the summer, our teachers have participated in professional development and prepared their classrooms to create optimum learning environments. Our goal has been to reboot the school by transforming our learning experiences. Over the past few years, we have created and refined our learning principles representing foundational teaching and learning elements. Here is a preview of our learning principles:

The PURPOSE Principle

We all seek to make sense of things. Learning is a process of making meaning and must be driven by a clear, intentional sense of purpose. Learners are more engaged when they are convinced by ‘the why’.

The PEOPLE Principle

We are a social species. Learning for us is not only cognitive. It is also a deeply personal, social, and emotional process. Human relationships may just be the most powerful influencer of learner success.

The OWNERSHIP Principle

We all learn differently. Everyone can learn how to learn and has the right and responsibility to own their own learning. We meet learners where they are and help them write their own story.


We learn by making connections, with our prior knowledge, across disciplines and between our school and authentic real-world contexts.Learning transfer happens best in rich, relevant contexts.The number and strength of connections we make will impact the quality of our enduring understandings.

The WONDER Principle

We are naturally curious and playful. We learn through an enjoyable lifelong process of playing, wondering, questioning, inquiring, reaching conclusions and then inquiring further.

To frame our students’ success, we created the Portrait of a Bulldog. We’re committed to developing these habits of mind with our students throughout their time at EIS so they become learning experts. These competencies will serve them well throughout their lifetime.

Our Cognia accreditation identified areas of success and needs that we must target. The review team recommended a revision to our mission and vision statements. The school has begun working with Ariel Raz to guide us in the process. Mr. Raz is engaged in the business of providing services related to professional development program design and delivery. He is a faculty member with Stanford University d.school. and has experience working with international schools in strategic scenario planning.

Mr. Raz’s first trip was focused on working with the SLT and the Board in our improvement journey. He also provided professional development to our technology and innovation teachers in design thinking.

As we move forward to improve the quality of educational opportunities for all learners, we want to introduce our community to our Code of Ethics. It provides principles of conduct and ethical standards for all stakeholders that guide our daily decisions within the school community. You may read them here: Code of Ethics.
A school of our size allows students to enhance their interpersonal skills and flexibility by meeting new friends, learning from new teachers, and experiencing new things.We all have the best interest of each child in mind.

Once again, welcome!


EIS bases its philosophy on the principle that the goal of education is to fulfill the needs of the whole child. Educational endeavors are founded upon respect and protection of the child as an individual. Every action and every administrative or teaching decision promotes the student’s development in the intellectual, democratic, moral and social values that will lead him or her to become a citizen of integrity and achievement.


Escuela Internacional Sampedrana was founded in April 1953 with classes beginning May of that year. Since its early years EIS has offered its students a North American style education while being true to its Latin American heritage. It was recognized by the Honduran Ministry of Education in 1956 and accredited by SACS in 1970.

The Campus

The main campus of EIS is a 39 acre campus that sits at the base of the Merendon mountains. The school has four “mission style” quads that house the Primary, Middle School and High School as well as Preschool which is located 50 meters up the hill in a modern purpose built building. There is a centrally located shared library, we have three gymnasiums, four soccer fields, well equipped playground areas and our new E-Steam Lab.