Welcome to EIS Middle School!

Middle School is an exciting and challenging time for children both educationally and socially.

At E.I.S. we believe in the dignity and worth of each and every student and recognize the importance of their responsibilities to their fellow citizens in the community. We believe that our students should have opportunities for an education consistent with their individual capabilities and with their personal and social needs.

We believe in setting high expectations for students and staff alike. Although academic achievement will be a primary focus, our hope for the students at E.I.S. is to also embrace high standards of civility, character, tolerance and trust. The students here at E.I.S. will be presented with diverse and meaningful experiences that acknowledge each individual’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional differences. Taking full advantage of these opportunities will certainly make the middle school years productive and enjoyable.

As our students grow and mature it is important to realize that they all can learn and achieve in the classroom and, at the same time, explore their own special interests in other areas. E.I.S. is committed to making these years the best they can possibly be.

Mission Statement

We are the Middle School Student Lighthouse Team. We are willing to go from good to great and guide our classmates to success. We promise to be role models and follow the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. We will stand up for each other and place our values as a priority. We will work together to make a better Middle School!

In Middle School We Believe that:
Innovative Quality Teaching and Learning, Diversity and Inclusion, Character and Values Make a Global Citizen.

Community and Communication

Educational Excellence

Character and Leadership

Effective Space to Meet Future Needs

Media and Technology

Goal 1