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welcome to eis
middle school!
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welcome to eis
middle school!

Middle School is a fun, but challenging stage of development, and we recognize and celebrate the needs of our students during these years. Our students need a learning environment that stimulates and challenges development and curiosity, and one that also supports complex social and emotional growth. Through our academic and co-curricular offerings, we cultivate in students a strong sense of belonging and a healthy self-esteem, so that they can advocate for themselves and recognize the important contributions they can make in their community. Our Middle School teachers are experts in addressing the unique needs of 11-15 year olds. The desire for more independence, but also the need to belong is an example of one of the many contradictory emotions that our students experience. During this transitional time in their lives, we work to help students understand and manage their emotions and develop essential skills for life. We believe a strong partnership with parents is essential in helping our students to navigate the middle school years. Open communication is critical and teachers, administrators, learning support specialists, and counselors welcome and invite conversations with parents. Sincerely, Brian Sturgeon

Middle School

Middle School


To provide a safe, respectful, academically engaging and rigorous learning environment, in which students become resilient in the face of challenges, respect, and embrace diversity, and become intellectually, emotionally, and socially responsible citizens.


We strive to create a caring culture for families, students, and faculty. We are committed to collaborating with one another to meet the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of our students. We integrate meaningful learning experiences which foster students' curiosity and develop their communication and collaborative skills.

our goals

Challenge each student to maximize his or her potential and to excel academically, socially, emotionally and physically for life, college and career readiness. Curriculum and Instruction:

Inquiry based learning through continued development of Learning Modules

Learning based on the 3Cs: competencies, concepts, and character

Integrate opportunities for Global Leadership in Curriculum by applying Global Issues, Community Issues, and opportunities to connect with the San Pedro Sula community.


Teach students how to write and follow through on their personal goals.

Support connections with the Instruction of the Global Issues, Community Issues, and Connections.

Present to parents the assessments of Character Growth and Academic Growth through student led conferences.