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welcome to eis
middle school!
mrs. liliam 

welcome to eis
early childhood center!

As Principal of the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana Early Childhood Center, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school. In the ECC, you will experience the energy and enthusiasm of our young students for learning. Entering preschool is one of the most exciting moments in your child’s life, and we are proud to be part of this journey. Our teachers work hard to provide a rich educational environment for all our students as we believe each child is unique. We try hard to meet each of their needs; we strive to challenge each student to grow in their social, emotional, and academic abilities, building long-lasting and meaningful relationships that help support this growth. Our EIS Pups learn through authentic projects or playscapes, representing opportunities for children to apply their learning in real-world contexts. Children constantly make sense of the world around them, forming ideas about how different pieces of their world fit together based on their experiences. Much of their “sense-making” is through sensory input, where each of their senses is engaged, giving them a unique perspective and personal understanding of their environment. We encourage parents to come to join us in this adventure and be involved in many of the exciting things we will do every year. We genuinely believe that the more directly parents are involved in their child’s education, the more successful the child will be in school. Sincerely, Lilliam Nasser ECC Principal

our portrait of a bulldog pup

our pathways to the
portrait of a bulldog pup

ECC is one great school where learning builds steadily from Early Childhood to High School. Our ultimate goals for our young learners in the ECC are expressed in our Portrait of a Bulldog Pup, in which we describe the characteristics of the young learners who have experienced our ECC Learning Ecosystem.

our pathways to the
portrait of a bulldog pup

We work intentionally to build the qualities described in our Portrait. Our approach to learning can most simply be described as Foundation + Application = A Balanced Learning Experience.

ecc facilities

ecc facilities

The ECC classroom is organized in small areas. Dramatic Play area, Writing and Art, Math, Science and Exploration, Circle Time or meeting area, Sand and Water, Loft, and Building Blocks are some areas you will find in our classrooms. Throughout the ECC, children move around the areas following a teacher-designed structure and common goals.

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writing & art
science & exploration
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meeting area
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