Escuela Internacional Sampedrana developed guidelines considering the health and safety of our community at the forefront. Below are the key components to guide the safe and optimum learning environment for our school. Our EIS principles include the learning environment, and we understand that the organization of space and time has a significant impact on learning. We also understand that the nature of learning is personal, social, cognitive, and emotional. The common learning culture framed by a common learning language and shared learning principles.


The following our EIS commitments:

1. We will fulfill our mission and meet our standard of excellence.
2. The health and safety of our community is the priority.
3. Science, evidence, and pragmatism will guide our decisions.
4. We will be flexible and innovative in the face of evolving circumstances.
5. We will provide inclusive and equitable solutions.
6. We will attend our responsibility to ensure the schools’ financial strength and stability.


COVID-19 Data Dashboard

In an effort to keep our EIS community informed, we have developed a dashboard that will track any COVID-19 activity on the school campuses. For the latest information, click here.


Below is a glimpse of some major highlights of our Covid page and, and a more comprehensive and detailed plan can be found here. We invite you to check this page regularly, monitor the COVID-19 Data Dashboard, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the most recent news, alerts, and updates.


Looking Forward to the 2020-2021 School Year

Just as we worked since March and Fall, we are committed to serving our students with the same personalized, EIS experience they’ve come to expect in the spring 2021 semester – again with our health and safety protocols in place.
While many of our plans remain from last semester, the most notable addition includes the re-opening plan if the school is permitted by SINAGER and Ministry of Education. A complete plan is shared here.






We continue to closely monitor local, national, and international trends of the health data and are prepared to pivot should the need arise for adjustments in our plans.


Details can be found below for each of the following:



Dear Families of Students at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana,

We hope everyone is doing well, staying safe as best as possible  under these trying circumstances. We are looking forward to the Hybrid 2021 school year and the safe return of our students, teachers, staff and administrators to our campus. Our teachers and staff have greatly missed seeing our students on campus and we  look forward to seeing everyone once again next semester. Following the Ministry of Education and Honduras Government guidelines for school reopening, the school is ready to implement the Hybrid model.


La Escuela Internacional Sampedrana se está preparando para reaperturar cuando SINAGER y el Ministerio de Educación lo autoricen.

Escuela Internacional Sampedrana


Signaling in Elementary School

Escuela Internacional Sampedrana


The school monitors the virus by applying the daily Rediker Report parents will complete daily. This helps identify and notify people at the school who are known to have come into close contact with an infected person. “Close contact” is described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as being within six feet of an infected person for more than 15 minutes within the last 48 hours.
The information shared below reflects results from individuals who have been studying or working on campus. EIS follows all regulations around student and employee confidentiality to help protect the identities of individuals. Should you be aware of additional identifying information about an individual reflected in the chart, please respect each person’s privacy.

Data is updated every week to reflect the totals from the prior weeks’ data, which closes out at 9 a.m. The data is comprised of student and employee information.





Reopening EIS Webinar

Every school has experienced sudden and profound revenue shortfalls and new expenses due to the COVID pandemic. Our response required painful and urgent sacrifices—first, across-the-board measures including a hiring and salary freeze and a one-year suspension of retirement contributions, and second, division-by-division strategic planning and budget control efforts to align expenses in critical priorities. Regrettably, this process included the difficult but necessary reductions in force and layoffs experienced by some of our divisions and school. We also have high additional COVID-related costs that EIS will have to bear. Specifically, we have invested in bio-security materials, testing, tracing, and infrastructure (Bathrooms, windows, and classrooms).
We will continue to be vigilant in our planning and monitoring of the pandemic’s trajectory and are grateful to our teachers, staff, and
parents for all you have done to bring us to this point.

Can my child go to school today?
Illness Decision Chart

What happens with a student in a cohort is symptomatic?
We isolate the child with symptoms, parents pick in an hour, test the student and if the child is positive for COVID 19 we send the whole cohort to distance learning for 14 days. The cohort will need to come with a negative test or medical certification.

What happens when a teacher is symptomatic or taught a student that tested positive?
If the teacher is symptomatic they will be tested.

What happens when a teacher teaches a student that tested positive?
– If the teacher was a close contact, they will be tested and if positive will be quarantined up to 14 days.
– If the teacher was not in close contact they will continue teaching.

Do I need to test before coming to school?
Yes, all students need to have a PCR RT prior to coming to school.

When should I quarantine?
If you have been in “close contact” with a COVID positive person or if you have symptoms and test positive.

How do I report my children/my temperature results in the Rediker platform?
Online or using the new Rediker app. Click Here.




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