EIS High School Counselors

Welcome from HS counseling! At EIS there are about 525 students in high school.

We have five counselors who have been assigned groups of students divided by alphabet. High school counseling provides services in individual and group counseling, academic achievement, career and college advice, and personal a social development among others. Three counselors are in charge of prevention programs involving students, parents and teachers. Two counselors are in charge of the college application process (11th and 12th grade), coordinate university visits, career and other informational presentations as well as the AP Program.

EIS Counseling Department provides a comprehensive developmental program to facilitate the development of academic, career, and personal/social wellness of our students to empower them to make intelligent decisions in their lives and their community.

As part of the Counseling Team, we have two special education teachers who make sure the students receive the accommodations and support indicated on their assessments.




Gloria Centeno – gloriac@seishn.com

Gloria received her B.A.in Clinical Psychology and her M.A. in Family Psychology from Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico. She earned a specialty degree in Children’s Special Education at Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and a M.A. in Educational Leadership at Framingham State University.
She is responsible for the administration of standardized tests TOEFL, ACT, SAT, PSAT, and MAP.


Daniela Sierra

Daniela Sierra – dsierra@seishn.com

Licenciatura en Psicología
Maestría en Orientación y Salud Mental
Orientadora Secundaria encargada de Estudiantes con Apellidos de A-Han



Elizabeth Jarufe    –  ejarufe@seishn.com

Maestria en Orientacion y Consejeria
Orientadora encargada de Estudiantes con Apellidos de Haw-Mar
Cordina el programa de Mindfulness
Profesora de la Clase de Orientación


Vivian Rivera – vrivera@seishn.com

Maestria en Educacion Internacional
Maestria en Psicologia
Orientadora de Secundaria encargada de Estudiantes con Apellidos de Mas-Z
Coordinadora de BILY
Accelerate Success Club Advisor

Jessica Bowen – jbowen@seishn.com

Licenciatura en Educación Internacional
Coordinadora del Programa de Admisiones a Universidades
Y solicitudes de Becas
Maestra de la Clase Preparación para la Universidad 11mo y 12mo grado


Ana Chicas

Ana Chicas – achicas@seishn.com

Licenciatura en Psicología
Coordinadora Student Success Center Coordinator
Coordina las acomodaciones de los alumnos 11mo and 12mo grado
Coordinadora de Acomodaciones de College Board y Exámenes Estandarizados
Profesora de la Clase AP Psicología


Daniela Reyes

Daniela Reyes – dreyes@seishn.com

Licenciatura en Psicología Clínica
Coordina Acomodaciones de 9no y 10mo grado


Alejandra Urbina

Alejandra Urbina – aurbina@seishn.com

Licenciatura en Economía y Finanzas
Orientadora de Admisiones a Universidades
Maestra de la Clase Orientación Vocacional 10mo. Grado


Denice Basila

Denice Bacila – dbacila@seishn.com

Licenciatura en Psicología
Maestria en Educacion Internacional
Psicologa de Secundaria