EIS High School Counselors

Welcome from HS counseling! At EIS there are about 525 students in high school.

We have five counselors who have been assigned groups of students divided by alphabet. High school counseling provides services in individual and group counseling, academic achievement, career and college advice, and personal a social development among others. Three counselors are in charge of prevention programs involving students, parents and teachers. Two counselors are in charge of the college application process (11th and 12th grade), coordinate university visits, career and other informational presentations as well as the AP Program.

EIS Counseling Department provides a comprehensive developmental program to facilitate the development of academic, career, and personal/social wellness of our students to empower them to make intelligent decisions in their lives and their community.

As part of the Counseling Team, we have two special education teachers who make sure the students receive the accommodations and support indicated on their assessments.




Gloria Centeno – gloriac@seishn.com

(Student’s  Last Name A-B) Extension 1412

Gloria is the head of high school counseling and has been a school counselor for twenty years. She has training and experience in counseling, learning disabilities, family intervention and substance abuse.

Gloria received her B.A.in Clinical Psychology and her M.A. in Family Psychology from Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico. She earned a specialty degree in Children’s Special Education at Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and a M.A. in Educational Leadership at Framingham State University. She coordinates the school wide substance abuse prevention program and is responsible for the administration of standardized tests TOEFL, ACT, SAT, PSAT, and MAP.



Daniela Sierra

Daniela Sierra – dsierra@seishn.com

(Student’s Last Name C-K) Extension 1415

Daniela is a psychologist, teaches Vocational Orientation for 10th graders, coordinates career presentations and assists students applying to universities in Europe and Latin America. This is her third year working in EIS. Daniela graduated with a double B.A in Psychology and French from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and has previous experience working at her University’s admissions office, which has allowed her to help guide students into choosing their vocational pathway. She recently got her M.A in Counseling and Mental Health from the Universidad del Valle in Guatemala City.




Elizabeth 2

Elizabeth Jarufe   –  ejarufe@seishn.com

(Student’s  Last Name L – P)  Extension 1418

Elizabeth is a Counselor and Mindfulness Coach. She received her B.S. in Administrative Science from St. Mary’s Dominican College and her Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Xavier University. Elizabeth has training and experience in individual and group counseling, in the US college admissions process, scholarship applications, administering standardized tests, Mindfulness, HeartMath, Montessori Education, Dale Carnegie’s Effective Communications and Human Relations, Character Education, and Early Childhood Education.




Vivian R

 Vivian Rivera – vrivera@seishn.com

(Student’s Last Name N-Z) Extension 1414

Vivian has worked as School Counselor for 10 years. She also worked in UNPD’s HIV/AIDS prevention programs for several years as Social Psychologist. She has training and experience in teaching, team-building, meaningful recreation and training, programming and directing camp programs, group and individual counseling. Vivian received her B.A. in Psychology, M. A. in Social Psychology (Universidad Católica de Honduras) and M.A. in International Education (Framingham University). She is currently involved in the school’s substance abuse Prevention Program (ATOD) as a coordinator of the parent’s support group BILY (Be informed, Love yourself).




Jessica Bowen – jbowen@seishn.com

(12th Grade Students & College Counselor 11th & 12th) Extension 1413

Jessica has worked at EIS in several capacities including as a teacher for 8th Social Studies and 9th Grade World History. This is her tenth year as the 12th grade Counselor and is in charge of college admissions process and scholarships applications. She coordinates the Advanced Placement Program and university visits and career presentations.

Previously, Jessica worked as Assistant Director at Huntington Learning Center in Maryland and as Deputy Director of Scholarship Programs at Envision EMI, Inc. in Arlington, Virginia. She received her B.A. in Political Science from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and her M.A. in International Training and Education at American University in Washington, D.C. She has attended numerous counselor fly-in programs around the world. She has lived in Honduras for over 10 years and is fluent in Spanish.



Student Success Center Teachers



Aubrey Webster – awebster@seishn.com

Aubrey is the Student Success Center Coordinator and has been working at EIS for 2 years. She has training and experience with mild and severe disabilities including Multiple Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbance, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and many other disabilities.

Aubrey received her bachelor’s degree at Missouri State University in Special Education/Cross Categorical. She coordinates the Student Success Center program which involves writing Individualized Education Plans/Intervention 504 plans for students who are evaluated and are recommended for the SSC program. This allows students to receive services like accommodations, pull out support, one on one instruction, study skills training, social skills training, motivational skills training, and organizational skills training.



Andrea Alegría – aalegria@seishn.com

Extension 1416

Andrea is a high school Student Success Center Adviser and has been working at EIS for 3 years. The SSC program provides academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities.

She coordinates the Advocate’s Program and she is the AP Psychology teacher for 11th and 12th grade students.

Andrea has training in Inclusive Education and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Universidad Católica de Honduras.