Welcome from High School Student Support Services Department

At EIS there are about 480 students in high school..

The Student Support Services Department (SSSD) has created a solid foundation to promote success in social, emotional, and academic areas of our students.

The department aims to develop students’ unique potential, abilities and strengths to achieve their long-term goals. With the support of the department and equitable access to diverse and challenging opportunities, proactive interventions and the use of technology, students acquire: critical thinking skills, decision making kills, social skills and values and ethical standards that allow them to become  conscious, responsible global citizens for the 21st century.

The department has highly trained professionals with years of experience who are committed to providing the best service and who  train on current issues to continuously improve their services to students, parents and teachers. 

As a department, the trained staff want students to be able to connect with their counselors to continue developing their best personal and professional qualities. Likewise, parents are invited to contact their child’s counselor for any support or consultation that they need.

The department offers various programs and personalized support through virtual meetings during the school year with either students or parents. Students are expected to be engaged and actively involved in online classes.

The following are some of the areas in which the department offers assistance: Orientation in Academic Development, Orientation in Socio-emotional Development, Vocational and College Orientation, Special Education Services and Character Education Program.

Guidance Counselors

Elizabeth Jarufe

Ms. Elizabeth Jarufe – ejarufe@seishn.com
M.A. Guidance and Counseling

Mindfulness Coach
Coordinator of the Student Support Services Department
Guidance Counselor for students with last names from Me – O

Denice Basila

Mrs. Denise Bacila – dbacila@seishn.com
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Master’s Degree in International Education
Guidance Counselor for students with last names from A – E
High School Psychologist

Gabriela Mayes

Ms. Gabriela Mayes – gmayes@seishn.com
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Guidance Counselor for students with last names from F- Ma

Mrs. Vivian Rivera – vrivera@seishn.com

Masters in International Education
Masters in Social Psychology
Trauma Therapist
Guidance Counselor for students with last names from P – Z
Coordinator of the BILY Program (Be Informed, Love Yourself)

Inclusive Education Specialists

Daniela Reyes

Mrs. Daniela Reyes – dareyes@seishn.com
Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology

Inclusive Education Specialist for 9th and 10th grade

Ana Chicas

Ms. Ana Chicas – achicas@seishn.com
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Student Success Center Coordinator
Inclusive Education Specialist for 11th and 12th grade
Accommodations Coordinator for College Board and Standardized
Tests (SAT, AP, PSAT, ACT, and TOEFL)
AP Psychology Class Instructor

College and Career Counselors

Jessica Bowen

Mrs. Jessica Bowen – jbowen@seishn.com
Master’s Degree in International Training and Edu.

Coordinates College Counseling Program
Coordinator for College Admissions and Standardized Exams
College Preparation Class Instructor for 11th and 12th grade

Alejandra Urbina

Ms. Alejandra Urbina – aurbina@seishn.com
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance

College Admissions Counselor
Vocational Orientation Class Instructor for 10th Grade
Coordinator of the Advanced Placement Program

Character Education Program

Marla Panayotti

Mrs. Marla Banegas-Panayotti
M.A in International Education

Bachelor’s degree in Communications
Minor in Education
7 Habits Trainer Certificate
Coordinator of the EIS Character Education Department

Vanessa Velasquez

Mrs. Vanessa Velasquez – vavelasquez@seishn.com
Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and

International Business

Character Education Instructor for 11th and 12th grade
Marketing Class Instructor
7 Habits Trainer Certificate
BEO Masters Program Coach
EIS Startup Weekend Co-Coordinator

Ana Flores

Ms. Ana Flores – aflores@seishn.com
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies

Character Education Instructor for 9th and 10th grade
Civics Class Instructor for 9th and 10th grade

Health and Safety Measures on Test Day: 

  • You must bring your own mask, or you will not be admitted to the test center. Wear a mask while in the test center. One exception: You will need to remove the mask temporarily to enable the test center to verify your ID during check-in and upon returning from breaks.
  • The entrance will be by the administration building. Follow the arrows and read the instructions that will be posted on the hallways.
  • Keep at least six feet apart from others at all times.   
  • Students must confirm a series of statements prior to entering the test center.
  • If you don’t feel well on test day, please stay home. 
  • Practice regular handwashing or use hand sanitizer.



  • Make sure your ID meets the requirements. Student IDs issued in the past year will be accepted. Original documents only.
  • Hoodies and hats are not allowed. If you bring them, they will be confiscated for the duration of the exam.
  • Cell phones are not allowed during the test. If you bring it, you will give it to us when you get to the testing room.
  • Bring your own drink and a snack. 

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But this blog is not only addressed to parents, but to all the members that make up the Educational Community: students, teachers, non-teaching staff, grandparents…


Periodically, through articles, videos, news, etc. we will offer information, explanations, guidelines and / or general advice to serve as a guide to the small problems, difficulties or doubts that may arise in the day to day. We also want to serve as a space for reflection on different current issues and provide useful information based on the contributions of different areas of knowledge such as psychology, education, psycho-pedagogy, medicine or neuroscience.


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