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welcome to eis
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welcome to eis

We are proud of our tradition of excellence and grateful to the Bulldog community for helping build that tradition. The passion of the Bulldog community in the pursuit of educationis the strength of our school. We are in awe of the students,parents, teachers, instructors, and coaches. These people arethe strength of EIS activities. Most of all I am proud of theyoung men and women who wear our Yellow and Navy Blue!There is nothing more satisfying to watch, than dedicatedyoung people developing into outstanding citizens during theirtime as Bulldog. EIS is a place of opportunity for young peoplewho are committed to achievement. There will be challengesahead but with the general support found in this communitythey'll learn to accept the challenges with pride and fightthrough the adversity and become champions in theclassroom, court, field, on the stage but most importantly inlife We are EIS and this means more FORZA INTER



Co-curricular activities are a vital part of student life at EIS. The co-curricular department is dedicated to maximizing the number of potential activities for all students in the areas of sports, academic competition, and the arts. We believe that participation in these activities enhances the profile of EIS within the bilingual school community, both within and outside of San Pedro Sula. It is the goal of this department to make these activities and experiences safe and enriching for students. These are the events that make life as a student at EIS unforgettable.

co-curricular department

The Main

At EIS, we believe that a robust co-curricular program, offering competitive and non-competitive sports, after-school activities, performing arts, and service opportunities can, as a part of the school’s overall curriculum, prepare the students to be successful in life. Our program gives students the opportunity to explore their passions and stresses hard work, leadership, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and fair play.

we believe that:

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the overall curricular program.

Every student should have the opportunity to become involved to some extent.

Sponsors, coaches and students should, at all levels, develop and exhibit accepted attitudes of cooperation, citizenship, good sportsmanship, and dedication.

Education helps develop a balance between a sound mind and a healthy body. We have all grown up hearing “A healthy body houses a healthy mind”, but how does one achieve a healthy body while achieving excellence in academics?. This is possible by knowing the co-curricular activities and its importance. Co-curricular activities are a great way to get a break from the four-walled environment and move outside the traditional classroom. These activities take place alongside curricular activities, which gives a chance to students to showcase their non-academic skills. Kids are full of energy which adults can’t keep up to. Co-curricular activities help them manage their reservoir of energy. But, co-curricular activities are not all play. Co-curricular activities and its importance has been proven by many types of research and is now part of the curriculum of many schools. Co-curricular activities for students not only helps in mental and physical development but also helps in raising a well-adjusted individual. These structured activities are a great way to give a much-deserved break to the kids from academic while building on their core skills. We hope you liked this article regarding co-curricular activities and its importance.