Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


EIS seeks to be the premier school in the city of San Pedro Sula, the country of Honduras and region of Central America through the use of best teaching practices with the goal of reaching all of its students. Our program of studies will strive to focus on the formation of the whole person in all dimensions of learning: academics, civics, sports, performance arts, practical activities, and human values.



The mission of EIS is to prepare bilingual students with the academic/social/emotional skills and universal values to succeed in the universities of their choice, and to contribute positively to society.



1. Students learn progressively as their competencies are recognized and developed.
2. Success breeds success; a “Yes, I can” attitude motivates students to meet standards of excellence.
3. Student and teacher preparedness, active participation, time on task and quality performances are expectations of excellence.
4. The practice of universal values creates a school culture that encourages dignified behavior.
5. Students are the owners of their learning.
6. Every area of the curriculum is valued and evaluated.
7. Students are offered a variety of formal classroom as well as informal co-curricular personal growth opportunities to reach their full potential.



¬°Bienvenidos Todos!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to our website. I am sure that you will find all of the information you need about the school here.
The school has just completed its summer projects and is looking better than ever, it is amazing what a little spit and polish can do. But beyond the general maintenance the school was able to finish the Little Red School House. This project is the extension to the Early Childhood Program, allowing the school the ability to over services to 2 year olds.


This year the San Pedro campus has their SACS reviews. The QAR teams will be visiting the campuses from September 26-28th and Oct 31st- 2nd. SACS is one of the things that separates EIS from the other bilingual schools in the country and through them we ensure that the school maintains standards of excellence in education. A QAR visit has changed over the years. It is no longer a time to fear, but actually it is the exact opposite, it is a time for the school to shine and to crow about its accomplishments over the past 5 years and there are tons of things to crow about; last year our Senior Class received $4.8 million in scholarship offers, this is a school record.


There are plenty of new faces around the school. The new staff have, both local and foreign have been hard at work since August 1 and are truly making an effort to fit in with the school culture, so if you see someone who looks a little lost please take some time to introduce yourself and see if you can help them feel a little less lost.


Lastly, the school wide goal is to accentuate the positive of EIS. That is for all aspects of the school inside and outside of the school. As a school community we do a thousand more positive things then negative things and it is these positive things that we need to focus on. EIS is a vibrant and exciting school where there is always something going. So whether or not your family has 2 year olds or 18 year olds we offer a full range of services for you.


Again, Welcome to our school!


EIS bases its philosophy on the principle that the goal of education is to fulfill the needs of the whole child. Educational endeavors are founded upon respect and protection of the child as an individual. Every action and every administrative or teaching decision promotes the student’s development in the intellectual, democratic, moral and social values that will lead him or her to become a citizen of integrity and achievement.


Escuela Internacional Sampedrana was founded in April 1953 with classes beginning May of that year. Since its early years EIS has offered its students a North American style education while being true to its Latin American heritage. It was recognized by the Honduran Ministry of Education in 1956 and accredited by SACS in 1970.

The Campuses

The main campus of EIS is a 39 acre campus that sits at the base of the Merendon mountains. The school has four “mission style” quads that house the Primary, Middle School and High School as well as Preschool which is located 50 meters up the hill in a modern purpose built building. There is a centrally located shared library. We have three gymnasiums as well as three computer labs. All of the classrooms are air conditioned with a computer that is connected to the internet and internal school server. There are two playing fields and two playground areas.



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