15 Questions to Replace “How Was School Today?” by Elena Aguilar

15 Questions to Replace “How Was School Today?” by Elena Aguilar

In the article 15 Questions to Replace “How Was School Today”, the author writes about many different ways you may ask your child about their day, in order to prompt more specific and meaningful responses. This could help prevent simple responses like, “It was fine.” These questions can help parents get a better idea of how their student is doing in school. The author recommends that parents do not ask too many of the questions in one day. She also advises parents to take note of which questions students seem to open up more about so you may continue to ask the same question in the future.  

The 15 question are:  

  1. Tell me about a moment today when you felt excited about what you were learning.
  2. Tell me about a moment in class when you felt confused.
  3. Think about what you learned and did in school today. What’s something you’d like to know more about? What’s a question you have that came from your learning today?
  4. Were there any moments today when you felt worried? When you felt scared?
  5. Were there any times today when you felt disrespected by anyone? Tell me about those moments.
  6. Were there times today when you felt that one of your classmates demonstrated care for you?
  7. Were there any moments today when you felt proud of yourself?
  8. Tell me about a conversation you had with a classmate or friend that you enjoyed.
  9. What was challenging about your day?
  10. What do you appreciate about your day?
  11. What did you learn about yourself today?
  12. Is there anything that you’d like to talk about that I might be able to help you figure out?
  13. Is there anything you’re worried about?
  14. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
  15. Is there a question you wish I’d ask you about your day?

The author also includes tips for asking questions:

  • Don’t interrupt.
  • Ask for more.
  • Ask about feelings.
  • Validate feelings.
  • Tell them it’s not okay for teachers or kids to be unkind or mean.
  • Thank them for sharing with you.

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope these tips help you to feel more connected and involved with your child’s learning!


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